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Hong Kong transportation after arrival – tips and tricks

What to do after landing in Hong Kong? You are lucky to experience one of the best transport systems on earth. Hong Kong transportation after arrival is simple and you can cut it to moments, if you will follow a few tips and tricks. Do you want to know more?

Hong Kong Transportation

Hong Kong Transportation - Airport - MRT - Octopus card - Garlowski
Hong Kong Airport Express Counter – MTR

Let’s start with the basics. You just landed in Hong Kong. You have nothing to worry about! 🙂 Everything is in English and they have multiple tourist offices where the staff will gladly direct you. Grab a paper map – just in case – and head to the nearest ATM as you’ll need cash. Take at least 250 HKD per person, not to worry about it for a short while. Then look for the centre of the hall, where you’ll find the octopus card counter.

Octopus Card Hong Kong TransportationMetro MTR Garlowski
Octopus – Best way to travel around Hong Kong

Octopus card will allow you to pay for all sorts of public transportation around Hong Kong. Additionally, you’ll be able to pay in some food chains and shops like McDonald, 7/11 etc. You’ll need to pay 50 HKD of a deposit per card. Charge it for at least 100 HKD.



How to get to my room from the Hong Kong airport

The majority of people will suggest you the express. You have a few options.


Hong Kong Airport Express
  • 24 min to the centre
  • 100 HKD
  • 5.54am to 12.48am

In general, it’s convenient, fast and quite cheap. If you had a long flight, I would suggest to take it. Mind that it stops only twice and you have to transfer afterwards. Part of the trip is outside of the tunnel, allowing you to see the outskirts.



Quite a good option which we used to save some money.

  • 1-1,5h
  • 36 HKD (some sources say 19 – 49)
  • 6am to 12.30am

If you plan to go more than twice to the airport, you may save 200 HKD on it. A double-decker bus offers great views, it’s comfortable and runs with the octopus card. I recommend it for the coming back trip.

To find it on google maps, you have to change the mode for “Less transfers” as it’s not the fastest. It’ll allow you to see the city, it’s actually quite entertaining! 🙂


For the locations of my hotels the difference in time was only 25min between the express and buses. Additionally, I didn’t have to transfer using the buses, which is very convenient with a big luggage. I’d avoid it during the rush hours.



This will be expensive. Prepare ~220 – 360 HKD. You should know that seatbelt is technically mandatory, however, nobody should really care.


Before the trip

Remember to download the offline map of Hong Kong in your google maps – may come handy. You can also download an app Hong Kong Metro (Android), Explore Hong Kong (iOS).


The Hong Kong transportation system is safe and instinctive. Just remember to relax and have fun. You enjoy the first moments only once! 😀


Laugh, Love, Live!


If you want learn more about Hong Kong, just check out my other articles! 🙂

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