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How To Date a Traveler? 3 Practical Advice

Dating a Traveler is not an easy task. The previous article “Never Date a Traveler – unless you can keep up with them” was preparing for what will happen. This article will be about practical advice: what to do if you already date a traveler. You might have thought before that it won’t be such a big problem, or your partner decided to travel meanwhile. Nevertheless you don’t want to stop him/her from realizing own dreams. What can you do to keep the relationship?

1. Stay in touch

It is important to stay in touch with each other. During a journey people tend to change a lot. They come with bags of new experiences, stories, people they miss and thought they had. They wont necessary like anymore the same things, same people or same lifestyle like before. You have to stay in touch with your traveling partner. Be a part of his/her life, adjust to the changes that your partner is coming through and understand them. Otherwise the shock might be too big. Other thing is that your partner should be a part of your life, even if its not so exciting. But try to not talk too much about your routine life, since it’s highly probable that this is what he/she is running from.

You should also stay in touch with your partner’s friends and your common ones. I don’t mean you should be their new best buddies, but you should be a part of their life, create a common image with them. Be careful however if those friends are mostly an opposite sex and respect your partners feelings – you want to boost your relationship, not ruin it.


2. Have your own amazing life

Nothing is discouraging more from being with another person than his/her boring life. You just came back from your life adventure and you discover that your partner has nothing to say. You share your stories, your excitement and thought, while the other person can only listen. This is often the beginning of the end. Of course you won’t have so many things to talk about. Of course it is not a competition, but find yourself something interesting to do. Be happy and live the life you would be jealous of. There is an old saying: “The best way to attract interesting people is to become one.”

Few ideas of what you could do:

  • Take a weekend out of town, do something spontaneous, something out of your comfort zone, something exciting!
  • Can’t leave your area? Go and meet some new people. Couch surfers, pet lovers, guitar players or movie addicts are waiting for you!

It also works both ways. Somewhere deep inside we are all jealous of people having fun, while we are stuck with the routine. You should never feel worse than them! Showing yourself that you can have a great time on your own is also very important for your self esteem.


3. Visit your partner


So you love each other, you are together for a while and your partner is away. You have your own reasons why you couldn’t join. Hopefully these are different than “I hate traveling” -> if so, go back to the article Never Date a Traveler.

Make your partner a surprise. Join for a day/weekend/week in their journey. You will have some common memories from one of his/her best time. You will boost your relationship, create a stronger bond and have fun. You will sleep better knowing how his/her life looks like at that moment and there won’t be this never ending period where you didn’t see each other. This might help especially if your partner is away in one of those great months long trips.


And for God’s sake, just be yourself. If one of you won’t be happy, you both will loose.

Do you have any great advice how to deal with a traveling partner? Share them!


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  • charles adamson

    4th March 2019

    People make life difficult for themselves, cool article

    • Igor Garlowski

      5th March 2019

      Indeed some may make their problems harder than they are in reality πŸ™‚
      Thank you!

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