Never Date a Traveler – unless you can keep up with them

Always on their way. Always ready for a spontaneous adventure. Always running from the daily routine. Travelers can give you a headache and not much explanation.

They are free spirits. People who won’t be satisfied with common office work – 8 hours long shift, 5 days a week. They will sit in front of their desk planning new trips and how can they earn their living when they will finally quit. Oh, that feeling – quitting a job to start a new adventure. Parents are blushing when they meet neighbours, few friends are sure you got mad and some teachers call you a failure. Meanwhile, you sit with a cup of coffee in the end of the world, taking deep breaths and thinking:

“This is what I was born for.”

You take such a girl for a date to a cinema, restaurant or for clubbing. You ask her to go for this very expensive concert next week, you brag about your new car. Probably you won’t have an occasion to do all of these, because she’ll leave meanwhile. She sold her old car to pay for the parachute license. Or you won’t even meet her, because she is resting in her little apartment in between coming back from Africa and flying to Asia. It works both ways, try to convince a routine maniac to drop everything and hitch-hike with you to another country.

Everybody wants to go back to their life. Traveler’s life is wayfaring.

Many would think in stereotypes: those people are messy, they can’t be in a stable relationship, they have no perspectives, they don’t need anybody, they can’t keep a job. What a lie. After two weeks with a backpack, meeting hundreds of people and eating food from cans, many miss an organized life. This calm everyday living where they can charge their batteries and renew contact with old buddies and family. Many travelers work very hard whole month to take a week off during next one, keeping one job for years. No, not all of them are photographers, bloggers and yoga teachers. They simply found jobs that suit them, those in which ‘common bread eaters’ would go crazy. “12h per day so I can do ‘nothing’ next week? Madness!”

Traveling is not just a hobby, for many it’s a lifestyle. If by any chance you will entrap such a person and convince him/her to stay, you’ll make him/her unhappy. The whole beauty of being together is to share a passion, to share a similar lifestyle instead of forcing one person to follow the other. The world is endless and there are people similar to you. If somebody is happy – let him be. πŸ™‚


Date a traveler if you are also one of them!

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Do you have any love stories with travelers? Share them!


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