Moving to Panama

The time came, in two days we are moving to Panama – connection between central and south America; Atlantic and Pacific ocean.

We are a couple that met in Denmark and decided to check is Latin America a better place to live than Europe. We found it quite interesting that we meet here people from around the world, but these from Latin America don’t really want to come to Scandinavian countries – lets check it out!

What do we know until now about Panama? Not so much to be honest for people who will live there for a half of year! After reading about it and asking different people including Panamanians, we believe that:

  • People are friendly, welcoming and happy. – To be honest it’s quite probable, if you take into consideration their amazing weather – 30-35 degrees every day of the year, stable economy which allows most of the people to have a decent life, and Spanish language which sounds like a music. This culture is made to make people happy.
  • Everything can kill us. We come from rather a cold climate where if somebody didn’t let it go, there shouldn’t be any spiders, snakes, scorpions, alligators (…) which makes you a part of their food chain! Yep, we gonna be typical Europeans with a stick, amazing amount of anti-mosquito sprays and mosquito net in even the smallest hole we can find in our apartment.
  • It is one of the best places to be. Seriously, after reading many articles it is hard to imagine why anybody would dislike this country unless you prefer -10 degrees and being alone.


Ps. It’s 26 of June and I sit next to an extra heater, summer didn’t start here yet!


A good tip: keep those numbers!

Situation/Institution Phone number Comments
Medical Emergencies 911 Ambulance Coverange in Panama Province, Colon and Cocle until Rio Hato
Police 104 National coverage
Firemen 103 National coverage
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