Marketing Management

Academy Profession Degree in Marketing Management. A mix of necessary theory and project work. Marketing, economy, organization and law were the main subjects. Thanks to these years of education I have an understanding of the global and micro economy. Nevertheless I know the theory behind customer behavior, international law and accounting.

Main project during this education:

  • Lauge Jensen:
    Our task was to evaluate the current situation of Lauge Jensen A/S – the biggest Danish motorcycle manufacturer. Through many analysis and researches we have came with the conclusion of improving the company’s logistics and increasing the sales at that time.
  • SIBA International:
    The purpose of this project was to come with analysis and research in terms of expanding SIBA International on the German market.
  • AP project:
    The purpose of my project was a detailed research on the Polish and local gastronomy market including the analysis of the restaurant which I had an internship in, and creating the best strategy for the company for next 1, 2 and 5 years.