Co-Fouder in “Algapa”

Algapa was created in 2013 and it was developed during a 7 month project with the focus on children and their efficiency in learning. These educational tools meant to improve the learning process of the youngest by providing them with educational materials and games which use other senses besides their sight.

In a team of 3 students we tried to give an opportunity to teachers and parents to make children interested in science and help them keep this knowledge in the long-term memory.

This company has its origin in an university project which has changed with time into a business. We transformed a single project into a line of concepts. As one of the two co-founders which worked with this project since the beginning (later third one joined the group), I was developing the idea from scratch while being responsible for many different aspects, due to the flat structure we have created in our team.

The project has been suspended due to the lack of founding and high complexity of manufacturing.


Original website can be found at