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Graduated programs

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

BA Top Up program mainly focused on creating innovative ideas and ways to change it into start-ups. Classes have been mostly focused on the practical side of learning, which led towards the creation of multiple projects.

  • Blåvand – TDC area camp
    During the camp our main task was to come with an idea of how the city of Blåvand can develop the TDC area, taking into account that the city is focused mainly on tourism. Together with 75 Danish and international students we have been working hard day and night to accomplish this project. All teams had 48 hours to come with best idea and explore its potential, attract tourists and show how city can benefit on this project.
  • Open Data Camp
    48H case with the goal creating an innovative business idea which will use Open Data systems.
  • Experts in Teams
    As a cross-disciplinary event at Business Academy Aarhus, this 3-day event was made to improve and strengthen our cross-disciplinary competences. The project contained 800 international students and 25 companies. During this time we have been working entire days to come up with the best ideas for particular companies. Presentation were made for their representatives as well as the major of Aarhus city.
  • Aarhus Start-Up Weekend
    It was a 3 day long idea generation event, where entrepreneurs could create a team to work on the best start-up ideas and present them to the judges. Our team created Grabbbit – an application which would help creative students sell their unique products and at the same moment, make shopping fun for customers.


Additional subjects and courses taken with this education:

  • Import, Export and Intrepreneurship
  • Theory of Science and Methods
  • Open Data
  • Transmedia
  • Online Brand Management
  • Big Data

Aarhus Startup Weekend - Igor Garlowski

Marketing Management

Academy Profession Degree in Marketing Management. A mix of necessary theory and project work. Marketing, economy, organization and law were the main subjects. Thanks to these years of education I have an understanding of the global and micro economy. Nevertheless I know the theory behind customer behavior, international law and accounting.

Main project during this education:

  • Lauge Jensen:
    Our task was to evaluate the current situation of Lauge Jensen A/S – the biggest Danish motorcycle manufacturer. Through many analysis and researches we have came with the conclusion of improving the company’s logistics and increasing the sales at that time.
  • SIBA International:
    The purpose of this project was to come with analysis and research in terms of expanding SIBA International on the German market.
  • AP project:
    The purpose of my project was a detailed research on the Polish and local gastronomy market including the analysis of the restaurant which I had an internship in, and creating the best strategy for the company for next 1, 2 and 5 years.

Trainings and certificates

    • Professional Bartender certificate at International Bartender and Sommelier School. Two weeks of theory and hours of practice finished with the official Bartender exam and diploma.

    • Art of negotiation and resolving problems at Poznan University of Technology

    • Danish classes at Lærdansk Aarhus. (1 year)