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Leaving Europe to Panama

So it happened, 28th of June 2015 we left Europe and flew to Panama – first of the Central America countries.

We have spent a long time searching for the best connection. Flight time and price were crucial for us. It ended up that we have taken the best connection due to many people’s opinion: Amsterdam – Panama with KLM airlines.

Few things we had to keep in mind:




Bags could be quite big (158 cm together) however the main one had to be up to 23 kg and the hand baggage 12 kg.

Limitation for the baggage KLM airlines to Panama

Be early on the airport

Remember to be on the airport two hours before – just in case. A specially if you fly directly from Amsterdam which is very big. We had 25min of walking between gates 🙂

Yellow fever

Prepare your passport, ID and yellow passport, which I hope you have. It’s a document you get after being vaccinated for the yellow fever. They may ask for it but not necessary.

Cash or credit card

As a tourist visa which you probably have, control in Panama can ask you for the prove you can remain yourself in the country. We don’t know what are the conditions for a credit card, however for cash it’s 500 USD.


We didn’t fly before so far, so we have been surprised how big is the plane and how little space we have in the economy class. On the beginning 11 hours seemed impossible to survive, however with time stewardess start bringing us some drinks, food, dinner and many snacks together with hot towels to refresh ourselves. In the front of everyone is a screen with many good movies, games, TV and music. If you forgot your headphones – it’s not a problem! KLM will give a pair to everyone.
In general you have nothing to worry about. Many clean toilets, places around them to stand for a while and regain feeling in your legs, quite comfortable chairs. Of course it’s not a pleasure, but nobody forbids you to buy 1st class 😉
Food in the plane - KLM