Creating IVS and ApS company in Denmark

Now when you know the differences between different types of companies, you probably decided to make IVS or ApS company, depending on your initial budget. For the sole proprietorship companies website and some steps will be the same, however you should check more references to be sure about this.

How do I create a company?

Creating IVS and ApS company in Denmark  is very easy. You have to prepare few documents before, and whole registration shouldn’t take you more than 30 min. Website where you can find all of the necessary data, templates and other help is Virk. They translated it partly into English, however now (V 2015) the English website is closed. Check the translation few times, since you wouldn’t like to make a mistake here. The only official authority which provides now with a reliable information is Danish Business Authority.


What documents do I need?

According to the Erhvervsstyrelsen (Danish Business Authority) you have to attach 3 files to your online application:

Information and examples can be found on Virk, however here I will also show how I have filled them in after a consultation with other entrepreneurs, lawyer and and accountant. To find it on Virk just simply copy-paste name of the document into their search engine.

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